Monday, September 17, 2012

Complaining Defeats Your Home Business Effort.

The power of life and death are in the tongue.

I come from a long line of "tell it like it is people". Whether it is right or wrong we say what we think about anything at anytime. I can hear you saying, "Why is that so bad?" The focus.

When was the last time somebody was "keeping it real" about something positive. Or they was "being one hundred" about your success? Anyway. I am finding that as i complain about my situations i am only focusing on how bad  things are. The negative talk is not uplifting my mind towards my victorious living. I make the decision to transition from complaining to edifying.

Now I have heard this before. I'm quite sure you have too. I didn't heed the advice. Until now. This is called double mindedness. I'm saying one thing on one side of my face. I'm going to be great in this business. But at the same time I'm talking something on the other side of my face. I'm broke, Nothing is working out for me. My success in my home based business has to be rooted in the idea of "i can do this. I can be successful at building an income with blogging." I need the can do mindset. I have the have a success-filled mentality. The negative has to become illegal to my mind. I'm checking every way that i back talk my dream. It doesn't matter what it is. Whether it is about my children, my job, my surroundings, I must over look the problem to the solution.

Changing my talk helps change my mind. Of course, I am listening to positive millionaire mentors. I have pinned up positive posters around my house. I meditate on scripture and keep my heart open to the Father. All in the purpose of changing mind. But there was something missing. My heart condition is lacking. Out of the heart the mouth speaks. So what is in my heart? Fear, discontentment, and even a little jealousy, as well as other stuff. I now address my heart. My negative feelings are being retrained with positive self talk. I say, "your are feeling jealous right now, why?" Once the answer comes I address it with affirmations. The steps I am making everyday are leading to my desires.  Then I list my blessing and thank God for them.

A positive inner environment is the foundation to my success. I purpose to cultivate it on purpose. I am an achiever. I get what I want. I cannot be stopped.

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See you in Barbados

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The First Seed to Success

Today while listening to an audio book by Napoleon Hill, I was given my first seed.

I have been told that if you want to change your habits, profession, or anything in life that is not or no longer producing the results you want, you have to change your mind. You have to obtain the mindset that will give the mental support for the skill-set required. For me I picked up a book about the skill set I;m trying to learn.

In this case I want the knowledge that will help me transition from failure and poverty to success and wealthiness. Back to the audio book. So I'm listening, right.? and Mr. Hill is talking about  a key to success... Enthusiasm. As he's going on about how I need to enthusiastic, how to use it, and how to cultivate it. He was very thorough. So there came a part where the panel of all of our modern day philosophers get a chance to speak. Mr. Brian Tracey (sorry if I spelled your name wrong Mr. Tracey) begins to speak. He had a lot of good, no scratch that, great points. Now one point in particular really struck a cord with me. He said, "Make a decision". Wow! That is my 1st seed. Up to this point I have been living one day at time. I've been taking things in stride dealing with things as it comes. I've been letting life pass me by.

I have been making choices thinking that I am engaged in my life. No that's not it. We all make choices and do every day, every minute.We make choices like to lay in the bed or get up, to eat that bagel or the doughnut. What I learned is, choices are not decisions. Choices, as I see it now, are the tool needed to support your decision. . Decisions, again as I see it now, are the absolute, the big picture. Next are goals (milestones, markers). Goals let you know how close or how far you are into the fulfillment of the big picture.  And choices are the day to day adjustments needed to be made in getting to your milestone.

I had no big picture. I had a want, a wish, but no solid decision. I needed that "Ima get that or Ima do this" No definitive, no vision. Where there's no vision the people perish. If I want to stop perishing I have to make a decision. I must develop a vision.

Once I make a decision, I have to talk it. I have to practice it. I have to pray over it and war over it. Praise God for it  day after day after day. And I must do it until it is natural to me. What has to be natural? Taking control of my own mind and directing it in harmony with my fulfillment of my purpose.

Seed # 1, Make a Decision. Decide today that your going to live on purpose.

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Purpose Of My New Blog

Where to Begin?
Well, let's just start at where I am. My husband and I work for a shuttle van company that busted our work schedule from full-time to less then part-time this past November. And a year ago the bulk of my children decided to move with their father. Child support left with them (rightfully so). My husband has been looking for more stable employment way before all this happened. I, myself have been looking strong for a better job since May. And we'er still looking. Even today we'er putting in online applications.

So as of right now we are facing eviction. Now I say facing because I have the belief that it will be worked out. How? I don't concern myself with that. I do everything I know to do and trust God with the other stuff I can not do anything about. Besides, I have no idea where we would go if it happened. So I chose to work my faith to believe otherwise. This is not to be confused with putting my head in the sand by the way. It is a excellent way to stay focused. I am keeping my mind on the task at hand and not on the "what might happen".  Why is that method so important to me? I'm glad you asked. It because my husband and I have 10 children together. He brought 3 into the marriage, I brought 5. We had 2 together. 4 live with us. 2 boys ages 21 an 16 and 2 girls ages 4 and 2. Big family. So you can see why we are doing everything not to lose anything, including our peace. There you go the snap shot of my life and our starting ground. The facts are never fun.

Why I started this blog.
I started the blog to be a daily chronicle of the steps my husband and I are taking to improve our lives. I plan to document our journey of pursing the truth of God's hope and future for us. I want to discover if the secret desires of my heart are just vain imaginings or are they the creative touch of God built into the framework of our dna. Either way I believe that the key for maximizing our potential and changing our lives will be in the steps we take or the "seeds" we plant today.

What's the Problem?
I have no idea what seeds to plant for this kind of change. All I have done, for all of my life, is survive. That has been the seeds I've planted. This is different. This isn't making it by any means necessary. This is living on purpose (intentionally). This is thriving. Growing. Living life and living it more abundantly. I am inviting you to come with me on this odyssey of discovery. Hold me accountable, give advice and encouragement, or whatever that may be in your heart. I'm holding myself to a new standard and I'm doing it openly.

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See You in Barbados.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Intro: Why I Started Blogging.

We are holding onto a hope in our heats and a prayer on our lips. Heavenly Father, "HELP!!" in the name of Jesus, amen.

Due to a series of unfortunate events, bad decisions, and just plain hard headedness, my family and I are in crises. We find ourselves facing an uncertain future. We are in the middle of falling to rock bottom. While on this downward plunge I cannot help but look up toward the opening of the cavern we so happily jumped into and notice the Light amid the Darkness that is enveloping us.

The Darkness taunts and torments my mind. It reminds me of all my mistakes and failures. It ridicules and mocks me as it throws my fears in my face. But in contrast, the Light speaks to my heart. It whispers to my very spirit and says,"this too shall pass". It reminds me that,"nothing is impossible if you believe". As I allow the Light to engulf me I forget about the Darkness. The Light revels that its thoughts of me are of good and not evil to give me a hope and a future.

I remember that The Father thinks good thoughts of me and that I have a God-given birthright. God's good thoughts of me give me a hope and a future. What are His good thoughts of me? And what is this hope and future it produces? I must find out.

I have thoughts (more like wishes) of retiring early to the island of Barbados. I have dreams of traveling the world spreading the message of Jesus and salvation. I, like many others, fantasize of building a business and working from home, providing for my family with ease, and having nice cars and fancy clothes. But is that the hope and future of my destiny? Is that the purpose of my life?  Will pursuing such things fulfill the core of my being?

I don't know. Does it really matter when your family is facing hardships and uncertainty? Maybe. Maybe not. All I do know is I have promises from the Light. Nothing is impossible if you believe, I have a hope and a future, and this too shall pass.  I want better then this. I'm already as low as I'm willing to get. So I must muster up the faith to believe that I can have and do it all. There is only one thing I can say............

Barbados, Here I Come!

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